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Vi får förstärkning av en psykolog från Israel


Eve Lishner

Eve Lishner är psykolog och har tidigare arbetat på en ätstörningsenhet i Israel. Eve kommer ägna hälften av sin tid till att forska på SCÄ FoU. Resten av tiden kommer hon jobba på heldygnsavdelningarna på kliniken där hon börjar i april. Vi träffade Eve för att höra mer om vem hon är och vad hon ska göra här:

Tell us about yourself
– My name is Eve. I have moved to Sweden from Israel about half a year ago with my family. I am a clinical psychologist, a researcher and a lecturer. I have just started working in SCÄ FoU this month and I’m very excited about it.

What are you going to do at Forsknings- och utvecklingsenheten?
-I’m planning to study the intercultural differences in eating disorders. It will be interesting to see how different characteristic of personality and family dynamics that are related to different cultures contribute and influence the onset and development of the eating disorders.

What is your previous experience in research and treatment of eating disorders?
-In Israel I have worked in the inward unit of eating disorders for teenagers in a hospital. After that I was part of a team that was responsible for establishing a new outward eating disorder clinic for children and adolescents. In my work with eating disorders I was involved in psychodynamic psychotherapy, parental counseling, group therapy, family therapy, psychodiagnostics and supervision of MA students.

Finally, how does it feel to be in Sweden?
-I like being in Sweden. Before we came here, I was worried of feeling ”not at home” in a new country. I was surprised of how quickly it actually felt nice to be here. Now that I have also started working in a place that interests me, I’m starting to feel even more familiarity and ”at home”.

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